Types and Conveniences of Modular Kitchens in India

The whole idea of modular kitchen is to effectively and efficiently manage the kitchen space and various items kept in it. Market has modular kitchens for every taste and mood and with right amount of money one can get the modular kitchen with best possible interior design.  The style of the modular kitchen depends on your liking and amount you are willing to spend.

Types of modular kitchen –Modular kitchen in Gurgoan

U shaped kitchen

This is spacious type of modular kitchen. It can be fitted in   bungalows and houses with no space constrain. It has cabins and cupboards for almost all items and utilities used in the kitchen. This type of style gives proper space to move and cook.

Parallel or straight kitchen –

This type is best suited for flats and small apartments where length for the kitchen space is more compare to the breath. These are constructed to fully use the limited space in efficient way.

L kitchen

As name suggested it is in L Shape and can be fitted in both large kitchens and small kitchen with proper space for shape to take place. The advantage of this type of modular kitchen is that the dinning space can also be accommodated within the kitchen space

Island kitchen

This type of kitchen is basically combination of L shaped and parallel modular kitchens. This type requires lot of space and it is best only, when a person has to spend a lot of time in kitchen

.Convenience of modular kitchen in India-

Modular kitchen can be shifted to new location easily as it is very easy to assemble and disassemble them.  A modular kitchen can be fitted according to your taste and needs. The need for space to store items and crockery is more in large families compare to small families. Keeping this fact in mind, the adequate space can be provided in any type of modular kitchen. The efficient use of space is done in the design of a modular kitchen. They are made in such a manner that even the corner of a kitchen can be used for jars and cups. And the number of shelves, which all modular kitchens have, can save lot of space even in small apartments.

 Since modular kitchen shelves are made in factories, the number of shelves and sizes can be brought easily from the market. This gives flexibility in adding or removing the shelves as need arises

Modular kitchen in India-

New trend has emerged in recent times in designing of modular kitchen, especially in posh locality. Modular kitchen in Gurgoan   give interior designing services based on personal preferences to modular kitchen. The colors finish, and shape of drawing is based on inputs of buyers .Now, Modular Kitchen Manufacturer in Delhi has special teams of designers to cater to the individual need and liking and put into execution the creative ideas suggested by buyers during manufacturing.


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