Kitchen Designers: Roles and Responsibilities

One of the roles and responsibilities of kitchen designers is to consist of searching for and biding on new projects for designing of different type of modular kitchen. The clients’ goal and requirements should be determined by kitchen designers, keeping the convenience of clients in mind. The interior designer have to work with interior designing organization holding expertise in the kitchen designing, after completing their degree in interior designing. In addition to this, the roles and responsibilities also consist of considering how the space of the kitchen will be used. The mobility and functionality of individuals in kitchen are effectively considered while designing the modular kitchen.

Keeping the needs and requirements of the clients, the kitchen designers prepare sketch preliminary design plans in the most efficient manner. Electrical layouts and plumbing are precisely designed by kitchen designers in user-defined specifications. Roles and responsibilities of kitchen designers consists of the deciding the materials and furnishings that are used in different types of kitchen. Plumbing fixtures and fittings are carefully decided by kitchen designers, in accordance to the needs and requirements.

Wall finishes, flooring and cabinets are effectively decided by different kitchen designers, in accordance to the specifications provided by the clients. Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used by kitchen designers for the purpose of designing the kitchen interior in the most efficient manner. Materials, electrical and plumbing fittings are precisely designed by working in close coordination with its clients in the most efficient manner.

The kitchen designers effectively prepare the final plans of kitchen projects by using different computer designing applications and software. By working in close coordination with the contactors and builders, the kitchen designers create a timeline for the completion of kitchen projects. The cost of the kitchen designing projects is effectively estimated by kitchen designers.

Close coordination with builders and contractors, the placing of materials used for kitchen designing is systematically executed done by kitchen designers. Oversee installing of kitchen design elements can be done by the kitchen designers in user-defined specifications. The designing of kitchen is done as per the clients satisfaction, is effectively done and supervised by the kitchen designers.

The Modular Kitchen in Delhi can be precisely designed for hotel, home or hospitals by working closely with architects, builders and structural engineers. Payment of the designing the modular kitchen by the clients can be done through different modes such as cash and credit card. Systematically executed modular kitchen designing services, makes the kitchen designer highly demanded for designing hotels, food courts and restaurants.

With the aid of complete knowledge and experience of Cabinets and fixtures, the kitchen designers effectively design the Modular Kitchen Delhi in user-defined specifications. Kitchen designers also hold expertise in appliances, plumbing, and electrical solutions, for the purpose of designing the modular kitchen as per the specifications provided by the clients.  Kitchen designers are provided by regular training sessions, for enhancing their skills in the most efficient manner.


Standard Unites of Modular kitchen and Modular kitchen designs

The optimum utilization of space and convenience of making and designing a modular kitchen for any space are the reasons, which are driving the demand for modular kitchens in India.

A modular kitchens unite contains cabinets and standards units, which are made according to the size available for kitchens in homes. These cabinets and units are available in various designs and colors and can be ready made or made especially for a particular kitchen designs. The cabinets can be made in wood, granite steel, laminate or combination of any two or three of these materials. Use of marble is another option that is added depending on the choice of user .But the care should be taken that the material for cabinet must be water resistant.

Modular kitchen in Gurgoan

The purely wood cabinet will need lot of care and maintenance by regularly polishing it. Any wood used for making cabinets should be treated for termite and other such pests. Some mild steel cabinets get heated during cooking and opening becomes difficult. That is why the mild steel material should not be used in area close to stove or above it .The drawers will hydraulic hinges are easy to shut and open with easy touch. The cost of such drawer may be more but they are smooth and chances of getting any rust during monsoon days are low.

Counters can be of granite, wood or laminate keeping in mind the Indian style of cooking and preparations.  For counter top the wood and granite are the best options. The counter also have chimney just above the stove area. The cleaning and maintenance is very easy as the units can be detached.

The major designs of modular kitchens currently popular in India can be customers made or ready made.  Modular kitchen manufacturer in Delhi. Some famous designs in modular kitchen are:  island, L Shaped, parallel counters and U shaped. Island needs lot of space and is fit only for farm houses and big bungalows; L shaped can be used in any space for kitchen. It is a simple and effective design that has two counter tables adjoining each other along with the kitchen appliances placed on them in such a way that it gives higher efficiency to the user.

In U shaped design, the three tables cover the three sides of the kitchen and the all appliances are placed on them. . Modular kitchen Gurgaon.  U shaped brings cleanness in the kitchen by placing all items in convenient places.

In parallel design, two tables are in parallel to each other separated by an aisle. It is popularly known as double galley design. All the appliances of the kitchen are in drawers below and above the tables. The disadvantage with this design is that only one cook can work at a time. All the designs are customers made with size of cabinets and drawers needed for the particular kitchen.